Tea Parties at Ever After Manor: A Timeless Tradition in a Timeless Setting

In the heart of a sprawling estate, where ancient oaks whisper tales of old and a pecan grove stands as a testament to nature’s beauty, lies Ever After Manor. While its walls echo with historic tales, its ambiance is perfect for a tradition as timeless as the “afternoon tea”. Welcome to tea parties at Ever After Manor, where elegance meets tradition!

Tea Parties in Yazoo City Mississippi

Why Choose Ever After Manor for Your Tea Party?

Authentic Experience

Our venue, with its historic feel, offers an authenticity that's hard to replicate, making your "afternoon tea" feel like a genuine step back in time.

Flexible Arrangements

Easily accessible, Ever After Manor ensures that your guests can arrive and depart with ease.

Central Location

Easily accessible, Ever After Manor ensures that guests can arrive and depart with ease, making it a preferred choice for high-profile charity galas, fundraisers and other noteworthy events.


A Nod to High Society Tea Traditions

Ever After Manor’s tea parties are more than just an event; they’re an experience. Drawing inspiration from the grand “high society tea” gatherings of yesteryears, we offer an ambiance that’s both elegant and steeped in tradition.

  • Elegant Settings: Our expansive outdoor area, with its natural beauty, serves as the perfect backdrop for your tea party. Whether under the shade of the oaks or amidst the pecan grove, find your perfect spot.
  • Historical Themes: Fancy a Victorian-era tea party or perhaps a Roaring Twenties theme? Let your imagination run wild as you step back in time.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Whether it’s a quiet Sunday afternoon, a gathering of a “tea party society”, or a special mother-daughter bonding session, our venue is versatile enough to cater to all.

  • Mother-Daughter Outings: Strengthen that special bond over a cup of tea. Our “mother daughter tea party” setting offers a serene environment to chat, bond, and create memories.
  • Girl Scouts Gatherings: Looking to earn that etiquette badge or simply want a unique outing? Our tea parties are perfect for Girl Scouts, offering both fun and learning.
  • Etiquette Classes: In an age where manners matter, what better way to learn the art of etiquette than over a cup of tea? Organize classes in the perfect setting that Ever After Manor provides.

Join Us for an Afternoon of Elegance and Tradition

Tea parties are not just about the tea; they’re about the experience, the conversations, and the memories made. At Ever After Manor, we provide the perfect setting, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – enjoying the moment.

For inquiries or to book your date, reach out to us today.

Note: Ever After Manor specializes in providing the venue space. All additional services and arrangements are the responsibility of the event organizer.