Ever After Manor: The Premier Venue for Charity Galas and Fundraisers

Amidst the gentle embrace of ancient oaks and the serene ambiance of a pecan grove, Ever After Manor stands as a symbol of elegance and grace. While its walls resonate with historic tales, its expansive grounds and majestic setting make it the ideal venue for events that touch the heart and soul, particularly “charity galas” and “fundraisers”.

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Why Choose Ever After Manor for Your Charity Event?

Stunning Ambiance

The blend of natural beauty with an inspiring setting ensures that your event is both visually stunning and memorable.


Our venue is adaptable, ensuring that whether it's a silent auction, a dinner gala, or a dance fundraiser, your vision comes to life.

Central Location

Easily accessible, Ever After Manor ensures that guests can arrive and depart with ease, making it a preferred choice for high-profile charity galas, fundraisers and other noteworthy events.


A Venue with a Heart: Elevate Your Charity Event

At Ever After Manor, we understand the profound impact that charity galas and fundraisers have on communities, causes, and lives. Our venue is designed to amplify the essence of your event, ensuring that your message resonates with every guest.

Elegance Meets Purpose: Crafting Memorable Galas

Our venue seamlessly blends the charm of a historic setting with modern amenities, ensuring that your event is both elegant and impactful.

  • Expansive Outdoor Area: Perfect for cocktail hours, silent auctions, or open-air dinners, our outdoor space can be transformed to match the theme and purpose of your gala.
  • Versatile Spaces: Whether you’re hosting an intimate fundraiser or a grand charity ball, our venue can accommodate a diverse range of event sizes and formats.

Fundraisers with a Difference

Every cause is unique, and so should be its fundraiser. At Ever After Manor, we provide the canvas, and you paint your vision.

  • Themed Events: From black-tie galas to casual fundraisers, our venue can be tailored to fit any theme.
  • Interactive Experiences: Utilize our expansive grounds for interactive experiences, ensuring that your guests are engaged and connected to the cause.

For Organizers: Partnering for a Cause

Ever After Manor isn’t just a venue; it’s a partner in your charitable journey. Our team is on hand to assist with logistical needs, ensuring that the focus remains on the cause and the generous hearts supporting it.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Whether you’re a charity organization, a non-profit, or an individual passionate about a cause, Ever After Manor promises a venue that amplifies your message and leaves a lasting impact. Dive into the world of giving, compassion, and change with us.

For inquiries or to book your date, reach out to us today.

Note: Ever After Manor specializes in providing the venue space. All additional services and arrangements are the responsibility of the event organizer.