Antique Days at Ever After Manor: A Timeless Journey Amidst Nature

In the heart of a landscape adorned with ancient oaks and the tranquil whispers of a pecan grove, Ever After Manor stands as a testament to timeless beauty. While its architecture shares tales from centuries past, its grounds are set to resonate with stories of artifacts, heirlooms, and treasures from bygone eras. Welcome to Antique Days, where history meets nature’s grandeur.

Antique Days in Yazoo City Mississippi

Why Ever After Manor is the Antique Enthusiast's Dream

Unique Ambiance

The blend of nature's serenity with the allure of antiques creates an ambiance reminiscent of a time when life was simpler and every object had a story to tell.

Central Location

Our prime location ensures that dealers and attendees can easily access the venue, making their "antique days" experience hassle-free.

Versatile Venue

Whether you're a dealer looking to display a vast collection or an enthusiast eager to explore, our venue adapts to ensure every need is met.


A Marketplace Steeped in History

Ever After Manor’s sprawling outdoor setting offers a unique backdrop for antique dealers and enthusiasts. As the sun filters through the canopy of trees, each artifact, each relic, each piece of history finds its perfect spotlight on our grounds.

  • Picturesque Displays: Our vast outdoor area ensures that each antique piece, from grand furniture to delicate trinkets, is showcased against nature’s beauty, offering a visual treat for visitors.
  • Easy Accessibility: Designed for both dealers and attendees, our venue ensures a seamless experience from setup to sale.

Rediscover the Past at Ever After Manor

Antique Days is not just an event; it’s a journey. A journey through time, through stories, through the very fabric of our shared history.

  • Diverse Collections: From vintage jewelry to classic furniture, books to paintings, our antique sales cater to a wide range of historical tastes and preferences.
  • Community of Enthusiasts: Engage with a passionate community of antique dealers, historians, and collectors, each bringing their unique pieces and stories to the table.
  • Ample Space: With room to accommodate a multitude of stalls and a steady flow of visitors, Ever After Manor promises an uncluttered and enjoyable experience for all.

Step Back in Time with Us

At Ever After Manor, we believe that every antique has a story: a whisper from the past, waiting to be heard. Antique Days is our tribute to these stories, an invitation to step back in time and rediscover the charm of yesteryears. Whether you’re a dealer, a collector, or someone with a penchant for the past, our gates are open, inviting you to be a part of this timeless journey.

For inquiries or to book your date, reach out to us today.

Note: Ever After Manor specializes in providing the venue space. All additional services and arrangements are the responsibility of the event organizer or participant. We encourage antique dealers, historians, and enthusiasts to collaborate and bring their unique collections and stories to our Antique Days event.